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I agree, Mr IP. I hate driving. I have no sense of direction and everything happens quickly. So I'd rather walk when possible too.

But in most us, convenience usually trumps good intentions unless we really make an effort, which can be a drag lol

Tell you what, if you want to worry about stuff, how about this one? Last night I saw a documentary where they said that if a large asteroid came to Earth there's a fair chance we'd see it from a long way off (especially in Russia).

BUT ... there's such a thing as rogue black holes that have fallen out of whatever orbit they were on and are just hurtling through space. If a rogue black hole arrived we'd be unlikely to see it coming. A small mini black hole would basically drill a hole straight through the Earth and set off seismic activity that would pretty well bomb us back to the stone age. They reckoned that Yellowstone would go up and after that it would be good night Irene.

We are born on the precipice and our lives unwittingly dangle on the edge until we run out of luck. Make hay while the sun shines Just thought I'd share these cheery thoughts :)
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