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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Scary stuff Mr IP! It made me think of Duel. Every now and then you get thrown a curly one on the road.

You're allowed the occasion brain freeze. I've lost count of my meltdowns. Might be a good idea to practice catching your fight or flight response before it gets out of hand, though :)
Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Nasty!!! At least you know the trigger. Park it - move on :)
I am not a very good passenger to begin with. Being in a car is dangerous and most people don't pay attention. I think it was the truck coupled with me not being in control of the car. I was fine in it today and we were on a very twisty mountain road. Hopefully this wont happen again.

Andy, if I can get somewhere on foot or a bicycle I do that quite often. I like the exercise and I don't have to worry about drivers. People think I am crazy for walking, like once I became driving age I am only supposed to go places in a car. I never understood this.
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