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Default Re: Aquarian Tom Head Help

Originally Posted by ncc View Post
I wanted a warmer sound so i just replaced all my Remo Clear Emperors with Aquarian Response 2 coated. I also replaced my bass drum's Remo Powerstroke 3 with an Aquarian Super Kick 10. The (tom) resonant heads are all Remo Clear Ambassadors. I've used Aquarian Snare heads (currently using Hi-Velocity) for as long as i can remember,

I could not be happier with the way they all sound. Full and rich. I found the comparison page to be very helpful in my decision on what to use.

Hope this helps
Ah now you're throwing another one into the mix! I've looked at that comparison chart while helpful the heads I was looking at didn't really have equivalents to compare them too. I did notice the Performance 2's though, those just by description are what I'm looking for I think. They claim better for "loose" tunings and controls all the overtones. Seem kind of hard to find though. Did they replace them with the Force 10's?
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