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Default Yamaha PCY100 trigger pad trouble

Four months ago, I got a Yamaha DTX520k as my first electric kit, and for the most part, it's great. My biggest issue with it is the two PCY100 pads that are supposed to be used as a high hat and a crash cymbal. They are three-zone; edge, bow, and cup (cup doesn't work when the pad is used as a high hat). Recently, the bow section of the high hat has been failing to work properly, it either produces a very soft hit, or no hit at all. As for the crash, the edge seems to sporadically become super sensitive, making fluid cymbal swells nearly impossible. On both the high hat and crash, when I choke them, it produces a sound as if I had just hit the edge of the pad. This makes choking the crash a pain.

Has anyone had difficulties similar to this, and how can I fix this? Does it seem like I've damaged the triggers (I hit fairly hard)? If so, what replacement pad would you recommend (keeping in mind the only the edge and bow functions work for the high hat when using the DTX500 module)?

Note: I do enjoy the PCY135 that functions as a ride cymbal, but I do not want to purchase two more if I don't need to replace the PCY100s.
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