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Default Re: When does sound become music

Originally Posted by IDDrummer View Post
The last part, where the person listening to the washing machine being composer/artist - would that not also apply to the person whose mind found organization in seagull's cries? Clearly, the person who designed the washing machine had no musical intent.
Right. The point being that "nature" doesn't organize these sounds with musical intent. It's the framing. That's the intent of the person/artist. The person on the beach hears something about the gulls' cries and declares it to be art. But it's not all gulls' cries or just any gulls' cries, just the one(s) so framed.

John Cage. 4'33". It's all about the frame.

Of course, we can start arguing about whether or not all music is art. My foregoing argument is really about art as I tend to think that not all music is art (some of it is product). Now if we wish to define music as "that which a large portion of the population will consume" then the foregoing argument is not germane.
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