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Default Re: When does sound become music

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
OK then is there any such thing as an unorganized sound? If nature is organizing sounds and man is organizing sounds and producing them as a byproduct of living life, then everything is organized so therefore meets the criteria for music. Is that a valid statement? Not questioning you ID, your input just raises more questions.
Yeah, I have mostly questions myself! lol Sound is a wave, so I guess we could say it is organized already, but I really meant more "organized" than a simple wave.

Honestly, my idea is purely arbitrary and subjective. Static on the radio, the tinnitus in my right ear - NOT music. Waves on the beach, washing machine, etc might be perceived as music. One hing those have in common, vs tinnitus or static, is some sort of change over time. Maybe that's a key? Who knows? I'm just free-flowing my thoughts here, Larry.
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