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Default Re: Remo Vs Evans THE FINAL SHOWDOWN!

Originally Posted by sXeDanimalsXe View Post
Not really.

This is something I have found and I want to know if anyone has come to a similar conclusion?
I find, using 2 ply clear batter and 1 ply clear reso heads (G2 and emperor and G1 and ambassador) from Evans and Remo respectively, the Evans have a more full tone, they just sound musical, but after a short time they sound dead and lifeless.
However Remo heads, while not sounding BAD, don't have as full a tone seem to sound new for several months.

Has anyone noticed this? .

I've been saying the same thing for twenty years. Out of the box I find very little difference, but after a couple of weeks the Evans have no tuning range left in them. Forget about the snare! I can beat all the life out of an Evans head in one session. Try this, when you take your heads out of the box tap them (holding the rim) and you will hear a note. When its change out time and you take them off your drum do the same. With Remos the note is still there, with Evans its gone, completely dead and flat. When I was a young drummer (being from a small town) I played what was available. When you get to a store and all they have in that size is Evans, well you buy it. It didn't take me long to learn that Evans were not as durable. The Emads do the same thing, sound great out of the box. Two weeks later you put it back in the box and into the recycling bin. (that last part is a bit exaggerated)

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