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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

People are different. I guess I'm one of those who doesn't take a lot with me watching your videos. In fact, I've checked just a few and never made it through an entire video - I'd have to stop after, say, 20 seconds or click a few times to see that it doesn't get any different than my first impression was. So my (subjective) reply on the original thread question is: Basically not much. As for the why: Your playing looks so showy to me. Maybe you're having fun indeed and the way you look when playing is perfectly natural but to me, it isn't. So I'm wondering _why_ people might put excessive motion into their playing while _musically_, there's zero need for it. To make it look "cooler"? Then let me prefer the less cool version. The difference in look won't show when listening to an album on CD.
(My dislike for excessive motions might stem from my track & field activity in my youth. You don't waste motions if they have no effect. And now, having started drums, my motional role model is more on the Bill Bachman than on [insert a showy drummer] side. There are correct/effective motions and anything else is what I personally don't care for.)

Why would anybody create some 500 videos? Imagine you created 100 - which is an unbelievably high number already - and spent the time you would have saved on forstering your progress in terms of expression, touch, expanding your knowledge of and skills in various music genres.

As for "intensity, energy, passion and love"...
I guess 100% of the members of this forum have passion and love for drums.
Intensity/energy is a quality that can manifest itself in various ways. It doesn't necessarily show by how hard you can hit a drum head or cymbal. By hitting drums _softly_ one can create an enormous _musical_ intensity/energy - provided the listener is mature/experienced enough to grasp this. While others would say the opposite: He's lacking intensity/energy - his strokes have no power...

Then there's that copycat/cover musician vs. being an original musician thing. I prefer the latter.

I do appreciate you having taken the time to join this thread. And honestly, I was surprised by the maturity of your initial replies. So thanks for that.
Good luck on your way.

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