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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

Originally Posted by vxla View Post
I'd rather see you doing something creative and your "own" rather than watching another cover drummer on YouTube. Use your talent to create, not replicate.
Musicians aren't required to create in order to be valid as musicians, or to have a career in music, or to just have a good time. Each player has their own particular goals for what they do with their instrument, and concepts of success also vary. I replicate parts, have a successful career and enjoy respect from my peers, and have a blast. I do very little notable creating and have almost no personal exposure on YouTube, but most people regard me as being successful (and I'll admit that I've achieved everything I ever wanted, and more.)

What that means is, people have different levels of success doing different things. Casey does well at the YouTube level, where I probably would not (if I decided to promote my playing that way.) But I also have a long career, built in the traditional way, and also a 35-year head start on Casey. Only time will tell if he will do the same, given his start with YouTube on his resumè.

Actually, I started a thread a while back about what (if anything) becomes of YouTube Drummers, and how they regard any success with getting views. Again, time will tell.

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