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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

Originally Posted by COOP3RDRUMM3R View Post
Everyone's response to what I said was very respectable and I'm appreciative of everyone who took the time to read about it from my point of view. Almost everyone's words are fair and I really do appreciate the constructive criticism, I know I have a lot of things to improve on and to hear it from those who know more than me is great, but your words really aren't as fair as everyone else's.

You look at me and my "success" as "cutting the queue," when it's the exact opposite of that. I don't believe you give me anywhere near the credit for what I have accomplished and the work I've put in. If a new recruit came into your job, took a similar job to you for WAY less money (if you divided my ad revenue from YouTube by the amount of hours I've worked to build my channel, I would be making about 10 cents an hour), and proceeded to work 16 hours a day almost everyday for a couple of years, would you say he is undeserving of the fruits of his labor just because he is younger or new?
Now I understand you probably have no idea what goes into creating a YouTube channel like mine, but in less than 3 years I have created over 500 videos, almost exclusively by myself (recording, mixing, editing, uploading, responding, etc etc etc) all while over the spring/summer/fall working 80+ hours a week at Turner Field to earn the money to pay for the gear I use in my videos and going to school and performing with Georgia State's marching band and basketball band. That has translated to way too many days where I get to sleep at 5 or 6am and wake back up at 8 or 9am to get started again. I'm not saying I'm, the only person who works their tail end off, but I am saying that if you think I haven't worked for what I've achieved and that I've cheated the system, you're off on that. Getting lucky is the only way to cheat the system. There's no substitute for hard work.

And the whole "plastic smile" is completely missing the point, too. You must not have watched much of my playing because 99.99% of the time I look constipated rather than smiling, but the times I do happen to smile, it's because I genuinely have the time of my life when I play drums and that's what I want others to have too.
I don't owe credit for anything and I think being a great drummer is an accomplishment not to be confused with being big on youtube (and besides, I did say you are a good drummer). You chose to put that work in and building your youtube channel is for your own benefit, not ours, we see the drumming for what it is.

RE: cutting the queue; Consider that Virgil Donati has 6,000 youtube subscribers. Travis Barker has 84,000. You have 330,000. Where do you think you stand next to Virgil Donati as a drummer? You are a cool drummer but a bigger part of your fan base was earned with pop song choices, stick tricks, lots of cameras, loads of spamming, knowing what appeals to teenage drummers and non-drummers and whatever else, and there's a term for all of that. Congratulations on that but if some ugly guy with one camera in a dimly lit room plays better drums than you, I (and the guys on this site) would rather watch him, hence some of these comments.

I understand your frustration and I'm not trying to be a jerk in saying any of this, though I probably look like one now. I just think it's an interesting topic, and in my opinion commercialism changes music and musicianship, and not for the better.

And I'll say it one more time - you are a good drummer.
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if not for my own "self-indulgent rubbish" what else is the internet good for?

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