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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

A Gretsch 40's orphaned shells project. The finish is close to the Gretsch Burnt Orange. I was going to put a clear Gloss Lacquer over them but could not do it - I liked the Satin look too much.
1949 24" bass drum
1940's 9x13 tom
1947 16" floor tomo
1948 6.5x14 Super Structure snare

The drums in real life are not as dark/dull as the appear in the fourth photo & not as bright as they are in the last photo. I need to take some photos outside in daylight.

It took a while to locate all the shells - the snare, bass drum and floor tom came with almost all original parts including the original badges. All parts that I ended up buying are era correct. I tucked calfhide onto the original wood flesh-hoops that came with the shells.

These drums have huge tone and are tons of fun to play. I use a 50's WFL Speedking pedal and late 50's to early 60's WFL hihat (model 1121 - NOT PICTURED HERE). I was using my Pearl 2000 Series hihat when I took these photos.
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