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Default Re: Repairing Roland SPD-S

Originally Posted by New Tricks View Post
Hey Fuzz. I'm glad this post resurfaced.

Great job on the repair!

Here is a question for you and your friend who helped.

What are the odds of taking an SPD-SX apart and installing more remote trigger jacks to take the place of the built in pads or the foot switch jack ?

My theory is that the built in pads simply have two wires attached to them and thy could be rerouted to a 1/4" jack (two triggers per stereo jack like the existing remotes)

It would be a gutsy move to attempt such a modification but I'd bet it's not rocket science.

Remote triggers make the thing so much easier to play and I'd really like to have more than the 4 provided. I have one that is out of warranty and I would be willing to take on a project if I had some technical guidance.

When I did the screen replacement in the SPD-SX, I only disassembled it enough to get the job done and I really didn't spend any extra time surveying the guts of the thing. I should have taken pictures and started another thread for those who might need to replace their screen in the future. I was just too excited to get my new toy up and running for the first time. As for adding more remote trigger jacks at the expense of losing on board triggers, I'm sure it's possible but may be difficult. I suspect that the pads may all be connected to the main board by a single ribbon cable. If you attempt to break the wires out, it would have to be from each individual pad and you may never get full functionality back if you try to undo your actions. I personally would not try this. You may just want to find a brain from an e-kit if you want triggers all around you.
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