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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

When I bought those new I made sure I got all the sizes and parts I needed at the time to avoid the 'add on' issue later. If I recall, i had to get them from a few different stores in NY, PA, and across the US.

I'm glad I did not ever see any double headed ones for sale in the past few years, as I would probably have bought them (over my wife's objections) -- if just to have them in a collection. ;-) I really like the color too, especially under lights. (Not that i also don't like the new Walnut Burst as well.)

The single heads really do (still) sound great (Sonor did a great job!) and I am sure the added tightness of 2 heads would give an extra dimension. The only thing with Sonor Phonics for those years is they do weight a lot!
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