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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

"I appreciate you reading this, if you did. "

I did. I read the entire thread, as well. Personally, I think the OP set you up. The original vid set you up. Then I watched three or four of the vids on your channel, maybe 60 seconds each. Then I read more of the thread and saw the link for the live clip. Watched a minute or so of that. Finally got to here.

Someone, I think it was Bermuda, mentioned Travis Barker. That was my initial thought. Not a style that moves me very much, nor the music it's associated with. So, that makes me biased, I guess.

You do have a lot of energy. In the vids I watched I didn't hear any timing issues, per se. If you are going to play in a busy style like that, physically, it's to be expected you'll probably push or drag things now and then.

I, too, as others, was surprised at your presence on yt, or rather the response, all things considered. YT is a phenomenon of our age. It has started careers, finished careers, and continues to draw millions of people daily to be entertained, instructed, enlightened, and taken down every conceivable path of the information highway. Kudos to you for carving out a place at your age. God has blessed you with talent and a good attitude. I wish you well.
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