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Default Re: Repairing Roland SPD-S

Originally Posted by Fuzrock View Post
finding a replacement module or something compatible.
Wow, you were really lucky there! Actually I hadn't been using my SPD-S for about a year because it's so tedious to configure, with that giant old flash card, the 8-letter filenames, assigning sounds to pads on that tiny display.. I only switched it on to format the card and sell the whole thing and get an SPD-SX or maybe a Yamaha DTX Multi 12 - this is only 2/3rds of the price and the only disadvantage seems to be the small wave memory. What's important to me is the internal click and routing it only to the headphones but not to the FOH.
Anyway, I think the memory is a lot harder to replace than a display or a pad, because those are just connected with ribbon cables, but the memory seems to be solded directly on the board. Roland wrote me back and they said if they could replace it, it would be around 100, if not I'd neet a new mainboard for 500, and that's definitely not worth it. I guess I'll bring it to a store and then we'll see if I get away with the cheap repair.
Thanks anyway!
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