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Default Re: Module/brain with more audio outputs?

Originally Posted by whiteknightx View Post
If you want to still go with your original route, I have an older yamaha Dtxtreme IIS, which used tend to sit around $1200. It has 8 - 1/4" individual outputs, midi output, or 2- 1/4" stereo outputs, or even can run a single mono 1/4" output.
Thanks for the offer, but I'm in the UK, so with shipping and duties it'll be close to double that. Plus my funds are tied up for the moment.

Originally Posted by Yamaha41
Roland modules have a record button I use that and turn down the pad volume on the pads I don't want to record and track each one alone replaying the recorded track in the module.
Now that's not a bad idea, worth thinking about. Thanks for the tip.
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