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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

Hi Casey,

Thanks for joining in, it's always best to get info from the horse's mouth and I'm glad to learn you're not just a YouTube Drummer. I will stand corrected on my gig comments.

You need to understand that the term "YouTube Drummer" doesn't necessarily carry a lot of credibility, thanks to some unfortunate exploitation by certain well-known folks. Also, the original post in this thread really set you up as something extra special, which is a lot for any drummer to live up to.

I won't backpeddle on my comments however, you do need to work on locking-in with tracks. But at 22, you've got a lot of musical growth ahead. In fact, the learning process never really ends, there are certainly things I could stand to improve (perhaps not just musically!)

Also, my being a moderator doesn't mean that my opinions necessarily reflect those of the other moderators or the majority of the membership. I watch what I say for other reasons, but not because I'm a mod.

Anyway, welcome, and please feel free to contribute on a regular basis. I think you'll find everyone is pretty nice, when they're not jumping down your throat! :)

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