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Default Re: Roland spd-sx questions

thanx denis and han.
Yeah, im pretty much at the end of my rope with researching and searching for things and stuff. been making some of my own from cd put thru audacity and then saved just waiting for my roland to get here to put them all on the unit itself. I know im gonna need a solid roto tom sound, some church bells, and and other precussion sounds would be cool like vibra slap, some timpanii's, and the rest of the stuff I need is pretty much band specific. Obviously im into Pink Floyd a lot. Id love to get some stuff that I could use for that stuff ( I.E. the children singing in another brick in the wall, and some other sounds they used)
Im glad all of you chimed in with your knowledge and exp. please keep doing so. If you don't mind id like to add you guys to my contacts list as I really don't know anyone else on here hehehe.
Just a few hrs ago looks like I may get a shot at an industrial metal band which I think would be fun to layer accousting on the top of loops and stuff, and an offer im really not into doing some work for a black metal/grind band. Sucks when these bands ask yer age and I have to tell em im in my 40's and they immediately pass me by. ehhhh such is life man.
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