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Default Yamaha mesh RHP pads with DTX500

Hi all,

I have ben a ghost here for years.
Decided to make it legit and register.

I have an original DTXtreme kit with the RHP pads.
I am running mesh heads - with homebrew "insert" between head and reflection plate.

I am pretty much convinced reflection is better than cone - but thats just me.
One day I am going to tear down a TCS pad to see whether the reflection set up is the same design.

Anyway - I am having a PIA problem with my RHP Snare on the DTX500.

I get both rim sounds and the snare (3 sounds) - HOWEVER if I hit the rim and snare simultaneously - the snare doesnt sound... even if I flam them both - the snare doesnt sound...

It only happens when the beats are cose enough together (fast enough).
Initially it felt like some kind of Time Delay rejection - but believe me I have tweeked all the Rejection parameters and I can NOT correct the issue.

I swapped the leads, the inputs, even the drum pads - doesnt matter what I do I cant get the rim and snare to trigger at the same time.

Which means any fast snare work with rim accents sounds kinda crappy.
I know I could probably run the rim into a different input - but then I lose an input.

So if anyone here has solved this particular problem - I would love to know.


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