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Default Re: Repairing Roland SPD-S

Hey Fuzz. I'm glad this post resurfaced.

Great job on the repair!

Here is a question for you and your friend who helped.

What are the odds of taking an SPD-SX apart and installing more remote trigger jacks to take the place of the built in pads or the foot switch jack ?

My theory is that the built in pads simply have two wires attached to them and thy could be rerouted to a 1/4" jack (two triggers per stereo jack like the existing remotes)

It would be a gutsy move to attempt such a modification but I'd bet it's not rocket science.

Remote triggers make the thing so much easier to play and I'd really like to have more than the 4 provided. I have one that is out of warranty and I would be willing to take on a project if I had some technical guidance.

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