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Default Re: Roland spd-sx questions

I use the hell out of mine to trigger backing track segments live. I write and record stuff, make it a WAV file and load it to the SPD.

I don't know where to buy any samples but I know that the internet is a huge resource. Anything you find can be manipulated and converted into a WAV file in order to be loaded on the SPD.

I dumped all the pre loaded stuff to make room for the things I need. I did it one step at a time via the computer but there is a way to use the initialize feature on the unit and (I think( wipe them faster.

Any flash drive will work.

That said, I did have an issue recently when the $5 PNY brand drive I was using did not want to load and it cost me some time rebuilding a few of kits. I have since learned to store them in 2 different locations other than the flash drive.

As far as ease of programming, if I can figure it out, most anybody can. There is a learning curve but most things seem logical.

Eventually you will probably want to start using the 4 remote triggers because the 4" square pads on the unit are more difficult to hit than a full sized pad or a bar trigger of some sort. It took me a few months to figure that out.
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