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Default Re: Roland spd-sx questions

Thanx Mr B.
Ill b using it to import my own samples as well.
Ive hard discussion that some Flash Drives will not work with them unless you buy a flash drive from roland. Being the NON Electronics savy kinda guy I am, I have no idea if this is true. To me, seems like roland wants you to buy theyre flash drives as well. I have no prob supporting the companys stuff I use. However, im just a guy who works and plays drums with a limited budget. If I can get a flash drive that will work from the local office supply store and save 30 or 40 bucks, and I don't have to explaine to my wife why I need to spend extra cash to get the flash drive that says "Roland" on it. (hhehehehe)

I wanted to get opinions on ease of programming as well. this will be the first electronic thing I by to add to my kit. ( next thing after this will be an in ear monitor system but that's another story/thread)

Advice as to where to buy/download inidiviudual/ Packages of sounds, precussion and samples. ( id have to pm you specifics)

if anyone has wiped out all the onboard or pre loaded stuff to put your own stuff on.

and if it cooks because my wife isn't happy I dumped the cash I did on it hehehehe.
Thanx in advance for you or anyones advice!
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