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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

Updated photo of my Rockstar kit.

10,12,13,16 inch toms and a 22 inch bass. The snare is a Yamaha, that's what came with it. I also have a set of GP roto-toms, 6,8,10 inch.

My cymbal set up from left to right is a Paiste 2002 16 in. crash with a 6 in. accent, 10 in Stagg SH splash, 10 in. Stagg SH china, 8 in. Zildjian splash, Paiste 14 in 2002 soundedge hi-hats, Paiste 17 in. Alpha rock crash, 18 in. Alpha rock crash, 2002 22 in. ride, 18 in. 2002 china, 17 in. 2002 crash with an 8 in. accent, and a Stagg 8 in. SH splash. I also have 2 cowbells and 4 agogo bells.

All of the hardware is Gibraltar except for 1 Tama double tom stand.

All of the Tama toms have clear Emperor heads on top and black Ambassador heads on bottom.
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