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Default Re: Throne keeps lowering.

Originally Posted by cDark3r View Post
My drum throne (similar to the Pearl D-730s) keeps collapsing slowly while I play. It pisses me off. I tighten the wing-nut and the memorylock as tight as I can with my hands but it makes no difference. That should be enough right? Do anyone have a solution?

Hand tight is not enough on the wing nut, use your sticks (lube the wing nut up first) or carefully use a pair of pliers, just a hair past tight, you'll feel when it can't go anymore. That little extra will make the difference. Also tighten the memory lock till it starts to distort, eventually you'll bottom out the memory lock, pot metal stretches, GIBRALTAR has replacements, the PEARL tube is probably 1" thereabouts.

Start saving for a spindle type throne base.
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