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Default Re: Repairing Roland SPD-S

Originally Posted by pnolle View Post
Hi Fuzrock,
thanks for your excellent post. Although it's been a while since you did your repair, I wonder if you might have a kind of circuit board map or if you could tell me where the internal memory sits.
Since a few days my SPD-S only displays "memory damaged!", factory reset as described in the manual does not work. In other forums I've read that other users with the same problem were charged as much as a new device for the repair - I guess it's because Roland would only exchange the whole main board. So if you (or anyone else in this thread) could help me with that, I would try and replace that module.
I'm sorry, I don't have a map. Replacing that module would be very tricky and would require a lot more technical expertise than I possess. You might also have a heck of a time finding a replacement module or something compatible. When you did the factory reset, did you download the latest software from Roland's website and restore from a Compact Flash card? You may be best off finding a a used SPS-S and using the one you have for spare parts. They have gotten really cheap since the newer SPD-SX has come out.
I got incredibly lucky a while back. I was looking through the restock section on Musicians Friend and came across an SPD-SX for $329 with a shattered LCD screen. I called Roland and they quoted me $79 for the a replacement LCD. Long story short, I got a brand new SPD-SX for slightly more than half price! There was absolutely nothing else wrong with it. I sold my SPD-S for $250 so in the end, it only cost me less than $200 to upgrade.
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