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Default Re: Module/brain with more audio outputs?

Originally Posted by DA-Drummer View Post
It took me about a year to set up my DM5 to get a killer sound, and get rit of miss hits and double triggering, playing that thing for over 5 years now, Never had any regrets of that thing :P

you just have to set it up correctly

its not a setup thing for me. I had my DM5 for years. used it live jams whatever. All i was getting at is it was pretty good.. but not perfect. and the samples were not the best.. the Roland I could seriously just plug any old trigger into it and worked out of the box. the sounds were much better... but still not a vst.

with 8 outputs I guess you could treat it like 8 mics... and move one instrument to each one... problem is I have 7 tom pads on my td20 (aux ports) so I could do it if i wanted to use half my kit lol
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