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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hi fellow drummers. I just signed on here today and here are my vital statistics. Very interesting to read about all of you. :^)

Real Name? Randall Thomasson

Age? 63

How Long Playing? Off and on (more off) since 1966. I am starting lessons next week and I want to get back to the basics. My friend Brian thinks I'm the best drummer in town. I'm flattered for sure but I really do need guidance, more so at my age. :^)

Origin Of User Name? I had a 20 pound Norwegian Forest Cat named Tubbers. He was a beautiful, awesome cat. I always miss him. :^(

My Top 5 Fave Drummers? Ginger Baker...Ric Lee (10 Years After)....Corky Lang (Mountain)....Mitch Mitchell & Gene Krupa.

Make Of Kit? I currently have a Premier set but am selling it to buy an electronic set. My ears, girlfriend and neighbors can't take the acoustic noise anymore. Over the years I've been to many rock concerts, did a lot of target shooting and also did building demolition for about 20 years and that's had an effect on my ears for sure. At least with the e-set I can control the volume.

Where Do You Practice? In my garage & bedroom.

Are You In A Band? No, but I like to jam with my friend Brian on guitar. We've got to snag a bass player.

Play Covers Or Originals? I'm partial to covers and my friend Brian has some originals.

What Style Of Music? Rock, mostly.

Favorite Take Out Food? Don't do much take out unless it's a doggy bag from our favorite Thai restaurant in town.

What Country Do You Live In? The U.S.A. Enumclaw, WA

Odd Fact About Yourself? My right thumb curves inward. Both my Mother's thumbs curved outward.

How Did You Start Drumming? I can't remember exactly but it was most likely from going to my first concert in SF to see Big Brother & Janis at the Avalon Ballroom. But I think it was Mitch Mitchell (Fire) and then Ginger Baker (Toad) who really got me going. :^)
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