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Default Re: Module/brain with more audio outputs?

Originally Posted by AndyC View Post
Thanks for all the responses, and the suggestions for modules to look up.

Yes I realise that I could hook up a VST but I really don't want to do that if I can possibly avoid it - I'd like less time clicking a mouse, not more. It's bad enough using an e-kit because an acoustic isn't viable, that seems like another step further removed....

What a waste of outputs......wait, you only use midi? so I could pick up an old DM5 module and we could swap, right? ;)

LOL!!! i had a dm5..

the td20 is a superior system.. and it works well.. it triggers very nice... the dm5 had double triggers, miss hits... the td20 seems to pick up EVERYTHING and pretty accurate.

one thing.. and the main reason i didn't upgrade to a td30 is the sounds... even with v-expressions.. they don't sound close to a good vst.

have a 250gb library right now.. That's why vst's are the best option. for me any ways.. you can have 127 layers of velocity with many different hits at each level. of REAL recordings.

if I used the 8 outputs from the td20.. for starters.. id have all toms on one track. it would sound like a tdw-20.. and also your stuck with the sounds you use..

midi is easy to edit, sounds amazing with the right VST... and if i don't like a drum or cymbal or something i can just swap it out.

on that note.. I get what your trying to do.. the learning curve is large and you need an extra laptop/pc to use. and maybe a few clicks haha..

some modules allow EQ,Compression, effects and panning on the module itself.. then you can record stereo out. (the Roland TD-12 does this) You are pretty much stuck with what you have at that point but for what it is you can get it sounding pretty good.

and those would be cheap on ebay now i think

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