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Default Re: Module/brain with more audio outputs?


I'd like to offer some ideas, but I am confused by what you are looking to do. Are you recording the audio sounds from sound modules or the midi signals? If you are using an all electric setup, then you should be able to record any number of midi tracks and then you will have each 'drum' is on it's own track, and you have a lot of options (kits) for playback. If you are recording the sound from a sound module, and want to map each 'drum' sound to an audio sound output, then i understand the concept, but don't really know why you would want that. I have seen recording with 16+/- 'live' recorded midi tracks as well as recordings with numerous live acoustic drum tracks. Remember, in the final mixdown, the engineer will play back the midi tracks to a sound module (or audio file channel tracks) to a stereo (or surround) recording.
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