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Default Re: Module/brain with more audio outputs?

Originally Posted by DA-Drummer View Post
You are nuts, why so much outputs? You can record with a Midi To USB cable, And use the midi to trigger Addictive drums, superior drums, or something else (up to 16 triggers).
or just use the line output the record the whole thing in one. And i alsto think its impossible to adress differents sounds to different outputs.

With the right skills and right software (both of which are pretty easy to come by), you can easily put each MIDI instrument (individual pad triggers, if that's what you want) on a separate track for separate processing. According to this video it appears to be one command in Logic:

Plus the flexibility of VST's is staggering. Finally, if for some crazy reason you're in love with your module sounds, you can have your recorded MIDI tracks trigger your module sounds. If you're recording e-drums, MIDI is definitely the way to go.
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