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Default Re: Changing heads question

Originally Posted by Mike_In_KC View Post
Turned out that the problem was not with the drum - it is fine. It was simply a rookie mistake. I did not uniformly tighten the drum after changing the head and had not properly centered the new head on the drum. I panicked when I saw the warped looking head and assumed the drum was bent. I "confirmed" that the drum was warped by mistaking the snare beds for gaps in the drum. I replaced the head again, and did it all over correctly - centering the new head carefully and using two drum keys in the star pattern to tension the head - all is well. Thanks for all of the help and sorry for the hassles.

In the IT world where I work, the acronym we use is PEBCAK (Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard), i.e. user error.

Don't feel bad, we've all been there and learning about stuff like this is what Drummerworld is for!
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