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Default Re: Sabian 60s sound

Originally Posted by JesusMySavior View Post
I may offend someone here, but if you're really looking for that grainy production sound go with B8s. At least for the crashes. Doesn't get any more lo-fi than that.
The B8s can be quite sizzly and glassy, and not a typical sound of the '60s. I'd definitely seek the original sounds of the day, and the AA and HH are the most 'normal' of the Sabian lines. If the producers of the show want to do period-correct audio, that's up to them. The best the players can do is deliver the actual sounds that the Kinks (and their session guys) did back in the day. Tried to find a Bobby Graham studio pic from the era, but no luck so far.

I do find it odd that the producer would demand a particular brand though.

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