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Default TD4-KP vs Old TD4 (module differences)

Does anybody know if the module from those 2 drums are exactly the same? I ask this because I'm searching for the perfect kit for a small apartment and the roland TD4-KP seems ok, but.... the manual for this kit does not mention the "spare" cable for the "crash 2" expansion option that is mentioned in the original manual for the TD4. Have they changed the module? Why would they remove this option?
Also, for the TD4-KP, can I use the PD8 pad for the dual trigger Snare/Rim? The new manual does not mention this pad for the snare, only the mesh head ones...
It seems weird that roland would suggest that you upgrade the snare for a dual trigger one, leaving you with one extra pad, and at the same time, remove the option to actually put it to use, as a mono trigger "crash 2"...
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