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Default Re: Remo Vs Evans THE FINAL SHOWDOWN!

Originally Posted by Trip McNealy View Post
I have Mapex Saturns also and Remo heads are better on them. I use Vintage Emperors over regular Ambassadors.
I started my stave kit (which admittedly has less 'interpretation' of its sound from the drumheads, if you know what I mean- more consistent across different types) with a graduated set of Evans- G1 on the 10", G12 on the 12", and G14 on the 15" with Genera Resos on the top two and G12 reso on the 15" (all clear). I found this a really neat combo, but last week I put on clear Vintage Emperors on the 12" and 15" and found the sound much improved for my metal-ish tastes. They have more presence, more punch, and more control. I probably won't go back to the Evans stuff (though I might get coated G12s/G14s sometime since I found coated ambassadors don't work super well with the kit). I also am going to switch to Aquarian's Classic Clear resos at some point. If only they made 12 or 14mil heads, I'd probably use them primarily.

Maybe I should compare some clear Super-2s to my Vintage Emperors sometime.
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