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Default Re: Sabian 60s sound

Sound will be easy, although looks is another matter. Starting about 40 years ago, cymbals started sporting large logos, top and bottom. Nothing from today - unless it's modified - will really look like anything from the '60s. Then again, since they've specified Sabian, they're undoubtedly expecting the logos to be there.

Hats are easy, HH Regular Hats have a great, classic, 'average' (read: versatile) sound. Project aside, I think you'll like those hats.

Rides are somewhat subjective, if you can point me to a Kinks track ith the sound you want, I can make a suggestion.

Crashes are tricky, because nobody has quite captured the vibe of the '60s, despite some good efforts. Zildjian Armands are nice, but I think Sabian did them one better with the V-Crashes, which have a little more body to them. They're part of the AAX series, and have a classic Zildjian crash sound - not heavy, not thin, just very sweet. I have a full set (15-20") of their predecessor, the Vault Crash, and they go with me on just about every gig and session.

Good luck!

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