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Default Re: Remo Vs Evans THE FINAL SHOWDOWN!

The vintage emperors are fairly new. I think they came out sometime last year.

Back on topic, I compared some Evans Hydraulic heads to a set of Remo Pinstripes, and after about five months of usage the Remos were torn apart. They were dented so much I just replaced them with Evans Coated G2s. The Hydraulics, after two years of usage, had little to medium wear. I didn't think the durability would have outperformed the Remos, but man was I wrong. As for sound/tonal loss, the Hydraulics never gave up on me (though it was a pretty dead sound to begin with). Only after a couple of months did the Pinstripes lose almost all tone.

My kit for comparison is a Tama Superstar Hyperdrive (all birch shells)
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