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Default Re: Ludwig's new Signet 105 drum line!

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Almost every cast lug body out there is cast from pot metal. I wouldn't say "sonically inferior", more sonically & structurally inconsistent. They are what they are.

As for claims from manufacturers re: the sonic benefits of solid lug forms in brass & aluminium, there's some small validity to that in terms of consistency, but mostly, the sonic performance of a lug is down to mass, footprint, & how/if it stresses the shell. The sonic difference also depends very much on the shell it's attached to.

As for the Signet lugs, I kind of like them. Mass is a bit lower than typical cast body lugs. I certainly applaud the design in terms of how they attach to the shell, & I like the aesthetic too.
...thank you for your insight/sharing your vast experience with the wider drumming community...
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