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Default Re: Ludwig's new Signet 105 drum line!

Originally Posted by singing drums View Post
...i would assume "pot metal" means metal cast from inferior (sonically speaking) alloys that are cheaper than, say, premium alloys that have superior sonic properties?

...also, would you have a view on the use (again, from a sonic perspective) of aluminum or brass?...some manufacturers have claimed superior sonic properties from the use of these metals on rims, lugs and other hardware parts...

...many thanks for your thoughts...
Almost every cast lug body out there is cast from pot metal. I wouldn't say "sonically inferior", more sonically & structurally inconsistent. They are what they are.

As for claims from manufacturers re: the sonic benefits of solid lug forms in brass & aluminium, there's some small validity to that in terms of consistency, but mostly, the sonic performance of a lug is down to mass, footprint, & how/if it stresses the shell. The sonic difference also depends very much on the shell it's attached to.

As for the Signet lugs, I kind of like them. Mass is a bit lower than typical cast body lugs. I certainly applaud the design in terms of how they attach to the shell, & I like the aesthetic too.
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