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Default Re: Which cowbell mount won't damage my bass drum?

Give it its' own mount and have it just over your floor tom. I got one of those Danmar cowbell mounts that attaches to a cymbal stand and it works out great. I haven't had to worry about messing up my bass drum hoop for a while now. I thought I wouldn't be able to play it correctly without it being in the center of the kit as it would be mounted on the bass drum in the usual place, but it's working out so far.

I used to use this LP mount that was huge and it had its own L-arm for the cowbell, and then I realized just that piece alone is about four pounds! But I needed that because I use a rather large LP Mambo bell - which is probably overkill for the classic stuff I end up doing, so I'm searching for a smaller bell, like a 5-inch classic bell - whatever Charlie Watts used on Honky Tonk Woman - you can use on everything ;)
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