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Default Re: Mapex Meridian Maple Heads

Again, I wouldn't think "better" only "different."

I've used everything from a 7-mil single ply to a 20-mil two ply depending on the drum and the sound I wanted. Add in dots, dry vents, and edge rings, plus Zero Rings and Moongel and it's easy to see that there is no one "best" snare drum head. You have to decide what kind of sound you want, and pick the head that will get you closest.

A coated G1 or G12 is a good head to start with, as it won't "color" the basic sound of the drum itself too much. Most drummers that choose a 2-ply head do so for either durability and/or beefing up the tone. Even though I usually prefer 1-ply heads on metal snares and 2-ply on wood snares I've currently running the exact opposite and I'm really liking what I'm hearing. Today, anyway. In a month I'll probably be trying something completely different.

Since you seem to prefer Evans I'd strongly recommend listening to the sound samples they have on their site to help find the sound you're looking for.
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