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Default Re: Yamaha DTX450k Pedal Help.

Originally Posted by Nic73 View Post
Just bought this for ourselves as my husband's drum sets are getting! This is the set we decided on and am very happy with this choice over the Roland. One issue....hardwood floors and the beater on the kick is too loud. Tried a softer beater, risers, rugs, foam go. Now trying to find info on this as my husband would like the double pedals...he is a very experienced drummer, me no way...but first electric set... so told that we could use the hi hat pedal, plug into the back of the base pedal pad and use it. He knows he will lose the hi hat.... then thinking that the other DTX series comes with the other non-beater pedal.... so can we just plug in the hi hat to the base pedal with beater... will it work? Or can we buy one non-beater somewhere to switch it out while playing at night to give the option. Went looking around and the only foot pedals that match this set are only the hi hat yamahas... so are they the same or is there a difference? Hope someone can understand this and help, thanks!
Try using High density foam between the beater and pedal you will have to turn up the sensitivity on the kick trigger but it will quite it a good bit. Using the high hat pedal may work but the feel will be really bad a experienced drummer wound hate it I think. Roland makes a new quite pedal if it works with you system I have no idea but you would have 30 day's to return it if it did not and it would feel much more like a kick drum. He would need 2 for double pedals not sure if your module will allow that though. Here's a link to the pedal
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