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Default Re: What got you started playing drums?

My father was a professional musician that never did anything in his life but play music. When I was two years old one of his bands used to practice in our basement. I gravitated (Or so I am told) to the drum kit and the guys in the band thought it was funny, so I kept doing it. Eventually I could play some and my Grandfather bought me a sweet ludwig red sparkle kit that I was too young to appreciate.

My father tells me I played on stage within a few years and took me to a studio where I ended up on some obscure recording that absolutely has no existence anymore.

The guy that was playing for my father at the time was a Bonham guy. Same hair, mustache, same style of playing. It was Ludwigs and a speed king from day one for me and his influence led me right into John Bonham.

Once I was old enough to join, I was in the school band and played drum set in the yearly school thing in my first year and that just fueled my fire even more because no one had ever done that before. I went on through marching band and played everything I could before losing interest to football and girls. My music teacher was a great guy and encouraged me to go to Berklee.

I took influence from the drummers from James Brown, Rufus, the Jeff Beck Wired stuff, Tony Williams. Stuff that felt good to play to me and was a contrast to my huge Bonham influence. That stuff all got me, or kept me going. I have had successes and failures and times when I dropped off altogether... but a lot of things made me start playing again.

I would say overall what made me start playing time after time again was just a love to play drums.

Sheesh, didnt mean to make it so long ;p

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