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Default Re: Ludwig's new Signet 105 drum line!

I couldn't wait any longer! I went down to my local GC and ordered a new kit. I did see these at NAMM. I also beat on a set up kit at GC a few weeks ago. So, for me no surprises coming.
I don't think the spur issue will be an issue for me. Nor is the lug issue but I will post my findings regardless if something becomes an issue.

While I'm not a "pro" or a schooled drummer I do get to play often. I've also have had my share of kits up and down the pricing ladder. Sold a bunch, some for being stupid me, some for details I didn't like and some just because I wanted a different

My use for this kit is simply for a light compact traveling kit. The kick drum (20") is crazy light! Perfect for tossing in the back of wifeys CRV traveling up and down the I5. We do allot of flying but If we don't fly I'm always bringing a small set.

Anywhoo, ordered a 20x15, 12" rack and 14" floor in the Teak finish. 5 days and counting!
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