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Default Remo Vs Evans THE FINAL SHOWDOWN!

Not really.

This is something I have found and I want to know if anyone has come to a similar conclusion?
I find, using 2 ply clear batter and 1 ply clear reso heads (G2 and emperor and G1 and ambassador) from Evans and Remo respectively, the Evans have a more full tone, they just sound musical, but after a short time they sound dead and lifeless.
However Remo heads, while not sounding BAD, don't have as full a tone seem to sound new for several months.

Has anyone noticed this?
I have observed this with both my Tama starclassic performer (birch) and my Trick drums (aluminum).

Side note regardless of tom head selection I usually go with a Remo PS3 or 4 batter side kick and PS3 reso kick.

Snare drums, varies depending on the snare, live vs recording, metal vs post rock.
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