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Default Pearl Cymbal Holders (Boom Arms)

I'm sick of the limitations of standard-fare boom arms on my rack. I've tried all kinds of Gibraltar and Tama, and have even bastardized Remo, Gibraltar, Tama, Ludwig, and Pearl full stands ovet the years. I currently am using a hodge-podge of the best I could come up with from all of this, and even have some parts interchanged between the brands to have gotten what I needed.

What I learned from all this is that Pearl seems to have the most solid and flexible you-can-count-on-not-to-fail tilters and boom angle adjusters. In fact, my best boom rod is a bastardized top of a full stand from the 70s, which has a gearless tilter and a one-touch angle-and-length ratchet. The only problem is that because it is the top sectionof a cymbal stand, the downtube is only 5/8", so it is a bit lacking when used with heavier cymbals when the downtube is "flown" horizontally off a rack upright, instead of positioned vertically on a crossbar.

I am in the market for another boom or two, and because of my experience, I find myself leaning toward Pearl. Unfortunately, I am finding that the very best one they've made to date, the CH-2000, was recently discontinued. I've come across a few in the retail channel, but specs are thin. Does anyone happen to know if the knurled rod on this model is indeed today's standard 12mm (1/2")? One site says they are 3/8" which I find hard to believe with Pearl's reputation for solid heavy hardware.

FWIW, spare parts descriptions say the removable Gyrolock tilter fits certain Pearl boom models, as well as other boom rods that are 12mm. Could it be that the decription I saw on one site is mistaken, or is that the spare parts describes a newer version of the Gyrolock? As far as I can tell, the part in teh catalog looks exactly the same as the previous model, but sports a different model number.

Also, if anyone on this forum has a CH-2000 (not 2000S), I would appreciate knowing the lengths of the two tubes and the boom rod, not including the two angle ratchets and the tilter.

Oh, and I would also like to know the difference between the newer models CH-830 and CH-930. All descriptions, including Pearl's site state the exact same description for both models, and the pics don't show anything different, either. The only thing that I can see is that the CH-930 is more expensive.

Thanks a bunch.
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