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Default Re: Roland TD-4KP Quiet

Originally Posted by Flan55 View Post
I recently purchased a Roland TD-4KP electric set, which came with Audiotechnica Headphones:

Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs:

I've noticed that the sound coming out of the headphones is just not very loud, almost quiet. When I try to drum along to songs, I can barely hear the drum kit. you think it's the headphone, or could there be an issue with the module? It's not silent, but when I put the volume on full blast using the module, the headphones really aren't that loud. I was wondering if anyone else had that issue - is it the headphones? or is there something wrong with the module?

Thanks a lot.
I own the M40fs, they are made more for mixing purposes. You will need a headphone amplifier in order to use it. They have an extremely flat frequency response which makes it excellent for detailed mixing, but not so much for monitoring/listening back. I would recommend getting another pair of headphones, like the Vic Firth drummer's headphones. Or if you want to keep the ATH-M40fs, go out and purchase a cheap headphone amp... I know Behringer makes an inexpensive one.
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