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Default Re: Custom Bass Drum Head Artwork

Originally Posted by Drummenkelist View Post
A few facts about stickers and direct painting of drum heads - please note that these are facts - having done a lot of research on the topic!

1) Painting - not a good idea - changes the resonation abilities of the head and, therefore, affects the sound! Also, paint, if applied directly onto the head starts to come off after a while when exposed to UV light and vibration.

2) Stickers - look awful and cheap and once again, affect the sound a lot! will eventually start coming off as well.

Your very mature and constructive (in the most sarcastic possible way) to my post on makes me actually wanna bring up the company's name here again! I was actually searching for good quality custom drum heads for a good while that wouldn't be painted or have the awful stickers on them and then I came across with this company. I contacted them and they've really come up with a new way to make those custom heads. What they do is they sort of print on a ultra thin film kinda high-tec material that is then sticked onto the head and it won't affect the sound at all as it will resonate WITH the head - not form another layer on the top that won't sort of "live in harmony" with the original head. They've also managed to get Aquarium, Evans and Remo on board so that tells sth about them. I've placed an order for two heads now and am looking forward to seeing how they will turn out! The prices aren't bad either - providing that, apparently, provide heads and gears for bigger "players" in the music industry.
It seems I jumped the gun here re: your intentions on this forum.
It's just that we get a lot of "one post wonders" here who spruke for this product or the other then disappear forever- your first post led me to believe you were such a person and I apologise (seems like you have a lot to offer this forum after all re: artwork).
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