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Default Re: Custom Bass Drum Head Artwork

Originally Posted by porter View Post
I wonder what they print at? Obviously some 300+ dpi on a 22" head would require a larger than 6000x6000 image, though I doubt it's that high fidelity- maybe 72, which would only require 1600 px square. I suppose there's only that much accuracy one can get on that large of a product, though.
That is a great question (maybe I should have discussed it with him before buying) : )
I just checked and the largest image I could find on the web (technically illegal but it will never be seen outside of my garage) was 600 x 600, while the finished image used for printing was 961 x 961 (that's a bit shy of 6000 x 6000)!
I guess the best thing (for anyone wanting to use web images) would be to use wallpapers?
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