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Default Re: Changing heads question

I will try to get pics up - my bad. I have it all back together now just so I have something to hit today. I will try to clarify some earlier statements:

The statement about "play" in the head - I had my measurements off. My bad. There was probably only 1/4" or less of play when the head was placed on top of the bearing edges.

The bent stuff - I lay the drum down on my flat counter top and then lean down to see if the bearing edges are lying flush with the counter top - or super close at least. I was following the information read on another drum site:

Do D Carroll's test first--heads off, set bearing edges on flat surface. Shouldn't be any gaps. Check the bearing edges themselves, should be smooth and even, no chunks missing.

Second test, shell roundness: bring a tape measure, and while you have the heads off, measure across the diameter. Note the measurement. Now measure again but at right angles to the first meaurement. (i.e., 1st measure from 12 to 6 o'clock, then from 9 to 3 o'clock.) Those measurements should be within 1/16th". If not the shell is out of round.

It failed test #1


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