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Default Re: Changing heads question

Originally Posted by Winston_Wolf View Post
Are we talking about the snare bed, or something else?
I dunno man I am newbie at this - I just know that it is fubar. I read somewhere that if you lay the drum down on its bearing edges that you should not see any gaps - I have a gap the size of Michael Strahan's front teeth on the resonant side of the drum and a smaller one on the batter head. If I knew how to post pictures (no time to read now) I would send you the picture of the drum sitting with paper slid underneath it.

Kinda funny though - except for me knowing it is f'd up I can get a pretty cool sound out of it - sure I gotta retune after every song - but hey who doesn't spend 5 minutes between songs tuning? Oh - nobody? Well I am starting a new trend...
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